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Honduras CA

These are of the most recent pictures from Brother Moisés´ trip to Honduras from December 5th to December 16th, 2019.

He spent a very good time with all the brethren in Honduras and he had the opportunity to visited some families at their houses, during his visit he stayed at Brother Osman house.

     First a praise, thanks to God who gave me the opportunity to travel to Monterrey N.L.  and fellowship with my family of God. I was overjoyed to meet new members and blessed to see such faithful brethren. I was greeted with a warm embrace and a kiss with a strong handshake of love from the family of God. I felt accepted, loved and welcomed as it should be in every Church of God (7th day).

     I witnessed the strong works of God in Monterrey Church exercised with faith and love from the children’s class, teens, young adults and the Women’s Group. I was given the opportunity to present a talk to the Women’s group. My talk was on “War Room” (Bienvenidas a la Guerra) based on the movie “War Room” and utilizing the “This Means War” study book. The sisters were receptive of how we are in a spiritual battle every day. And that we must be diligent and stay strong. Eph. 6:18 “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;”. After this talk the women included me in songs of praise and prayer.

     When the day came to leaving Monterrey, I was leaving my family behind, but they will always remain in my heart and in my prayers.

 - Sis. Lupe Cantu, Church of God (7th Day), San Antonio, TX

Seminar Held at Pirámides Church, Mexico

The Seminar was held on Oct 6th, at the Pirámides Church, located near Mexico City, which is around an hour trip. The purpose of the seminar was to instruct ministers in topics like: Geopolitics "The generations of the sons of Noah", in particular about Ham. Brother Armando Macedo lead this topic. Our Brother Rafael Mendoza imparted a topic related to prophecy, specifically about "Daniel 2:43". Brother Gonzalo Hernández gave a speech about "Administration" and finally Brother Moisés Torres spoke about "Social Geopolitics". Brother Ricky Herrera encouraged us with some words. Aside from the Minister seminars, a group of sisters gathered together and received a course imparted by Sisters Elizabeth Lopez and Elizabeth Torres. As you may have noticed there are many brothers from México, and some from the US and Honduras attended the seminar. 

Some pictures are from the Church at Tulancingo, Hidalgo. This Church is around 2 hours from México City. The local Church from México City visited them last Sabbath (October 19th). Also brothers from Pachuca, Hidalgo attended to the Sabbath service over there. About 100 members were gathered together. 

God bless you brethren!

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